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Cloud Integration

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Cloud Integration

Argo System provides solutions which helps the global enterprises to become intuitively digital by using cloud as a part of foundation to derive new insights, unlock new opportunities and create models for the good customer experience. The latest technology usage and growth of enterprises is adding to the existing diversity of enterprise application portfolios which makes them realize that it is leading to more information silos and major integration complexity. For operations to work smoothly in an enterprises ,they require an integrated and interconnected system. To facilitate smooth and continious enterprise cloud integration, Argo Systems helps in building and organising an inclusive integration strategy. Argo Systems has established strong partnerships with vendors to design the correct integration strategy for enterprises.

Argo Systems understands the issues and complexities and its expertise can be leveraged to make sure that the environment runs effortlessly and efficiently with benefits such as:

1.Support for hundreds of data and application interfaces

2.services to connect cloud-to-cloud to cloud endpoints

3.Built-in data security

Cloud Deployement

Argo Systems' experienced and knowledgeable team provides services approaching cloud computing, as a way to help enterprise customers take a key step toward better business agility, economics, and user experiences. Cloud deployment presents an opportunity to redefine the role IT plays in implementing any business strategy. Argo Systems develops and deploys cloud based applications and expertises in cost savings by moving your organizations infrastructure to the cloud. This provides the advantage of running production applications in secure centers, but with the benefit of a fully serviced PaaS provided by Argo Systems. Argo Systems deploys cloud computing services using open sources technologies and existing infrastructures to make them scalable, dynamic and on demand optimum utilized. Based on the target users of cloud services, physical placement and management of cloud infrastructure, Argo Systems has defined four cloud deployment services namely public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud and community cloud,the major being the first three. Argo Systems offers complete cloud solutions, providing managed cloud services, migration of on premises workload or application to public cloud. Cloud is not only cost effective but also convenient and easy to manage solution for application workloads, which require complete data center in premise or in hosted data center.

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