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The biggest challenge an enterprise can face in terms of their data environment is, securing their network and IT infrastructure. Data being the heartbeat of any business, any unauthorized access or interruption, data breach or data loss can mean a disaster. Organizations cannot afford to have a database that is vulnerable towards viruses and malicious hackers wanting to destroy your mission critical systems. Regular security auditing is essential on your network and database to be prevented from external and internal threats.

Our certified security experts use a highly structured, verified, phased methodology to analyze an organizations potential areas of vulnerability, define viable strategies and implement recovery plans suited specifically to your needs. Our experts have proved themselves as excellent IT security auditors and are capable of identifying vulnerabilities that others tend to miss. Our security solution offers complete data security and privacy, protection from internal and external threats, provides user based access controls, monitors database activities and restricts unauthorized access to the network. The audit is done with our proven methodologies and best practices which has ensured 100% security of data in many organizations. Our security audit does not demand any database downtime, architectural changes or expensive tools.

Why Argo Systems?

Argo Systems security expert conduct real world attacks to determine your security weakness.Our extensive knowledge of most current attack vendors, along with our will provide you with the assurance and confidence you need to concentrate on your system and network security.
Why to choose Argo Systems ?

  • Auditing at reasonable and competitive professional fee
  • Excellent reputation and many satisfied clients
  • Pen test prioritized recommendations to secure your systems
  • Follow-up assessment - ensure your holes are closed and no new vulnerabilities were created when fixing results from first pen test

Our unique approach to penetration test identifies hidden threats and gaps and is the reason we've been trusted by leading organizations.

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